Harrison Careers Team


Peter Harrison - Founder of Harrison Careers and CEO

Peter spent 5 years working for one of the Big Four accounting firms where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Advisor, Associate Corporate Treasurer and Associate of the Institute of Investment Management and Research. He summer interned at McKinsey, the prestigious management consulting firm, before graduating from Kellogg Business School in Chicago with an MBA. He joined Goldman Sachs London and worked there for 7 years, where he was an Executive Director in Goldman's convertible bond business.

Peter is married with 4 sons and 1 daughter, and his interests include rock climbing and running.

Alison McPherson - Executive Director

Alison is a Virtual Assistant to Harrison Careers, with a long history in finance related to administration, runs her own company and her primary responsibilty is the coordindation of interview coaching and liasing with clients to help them setup sessions, select the necessary type of coaching and coach she knows is best suited to you, as well as a range of adminstration tasks.

Paul Marshall - Executive Director of Research

Paul is your partner in the networking process.  Paul and Peter will teach you how to identify the right senior people, identify companies you would not think of applying to.  We also keep contact details of hundreds of recruitment agents who we will put you in touch with.s. He works independently as a consultant for a top tier asset managment firm, and previous roles include working with a large, multinational financial development firm in Africa, marketing and training for several consortiums and also working within sales teams to enhance performance.

Nina Robbins - Executive Director of Advertising

Nina is responsible for our advertising and also helps with interview coaching, course materials and various administrative duties. She has had great investment banking experience and has also worked in management consultancy. She runs her own company and is a Virtual Assistant to Harrison Careers.

Ben Ward - Vice President and Lead Engineering Consultant

A Mechanical Engineering graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Ben is currently a Senior Engineer at Tesla in San Francisco. With deep experience in the design, manufacture, testing, maintenance and operation of manufacturing and R&D test equipment, Ben is an expert in improving and troubleshooting manufacturing equipment and factory production lines. Ben is passionate about mentoring younger professionals, and heads up the Harrison Careers team of Engineering coaches.