Harrison Careers is unique and pretty successful at getting people hired. We respect competitors who have developed their own expertise and information to help their clients. However, we are very unhappy if anyone copycats our service by stealing our intellectual property, written handouts, and ideas. We heard about one such copycat who asked our clients for copies of our training material. This copycat even had the bad judgement to get in touch with us pretending to be a potential client so that he could receive confidential information about how we help people get hired. We take the following steps to protect ourselves from copycats:

1. We take steps to establish whether they are using our written information. It is pretty easy to establish this because we have many friends at universities who are happy to report who else is offering careers advice, and exactly what information they are distributing.
2. Once we successfully establish that our intellectual property is being stolen, we contact reference checking agencies. With the threat of terrorism, organised crime and money laundering, all multinational companies, investment banks, consulting, accounting, law firms, etc, use reference checking agencies to check the credentials of anyone they employ. It is likely that any copycats are at leading universities, and one day will be employed by a prestigious company. A negative report from a reference checking agency, using information about intellectual property theft supplied by us, will seriously damage the career of the copycat, and potentially make it impossible for them to work for a prestigious company.
3. Our legal advisor is a prestigious City law firm with an outstanding competition practice that thrives on protecting businesses from such copycats. We will not hesitate to instruct our lawyers to sue any copycats who we have established are or have stolen our intellectual property.

We are nice people who have worked hard to build a business which can change the lives of our clients by helping them get brilliant job offers. Our ideas are our own, and we write our own advice exclusively for our clients. We hate the idea of someone ruining years of hard work by stealing something that does not belong to them. We like and trust our clients implicitly, and know that they do not pass on information we give them to anyone else.

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