How do you get Interviews?

If you are struggling to land interviews in the first place, you need to solicit professionals to land interviews - we will teach you how to target professionals, how to cold-email them, how to respond to their emails, when to cold-call them, how to handle the cold-call, what to ask for, how to follow up afterwards, and so on.

By following our detailed advice, one of our clients (who failed his first year at university and no work experience, and so had been at an enormous disadvantage) received 7 offers of unpaid work experience, of which he accepted 4, and was subsequently offered internship interviews with all 15 investment banks he applied to - he was later offered summer internships by the corporate finance divisions of the 1st-ranked and 3rd-ranked Investment Banks, and cancelled his remaining interviews. This is the potential impact we can have on your career.



We train you to pass interviews and get secure job offers

You will be mentored and trained for interview by a team of coaches who are the best of the best. They have all interviewed with the most prestigious investment banks, consulting, accounting, actuarial and law firms, and have succeeded in getting the best jobs out there. They have been through what you are going through, and they understand exactly what it takes to get hired. You will be trained by coaches who have interviewed hundreds of candidates and are able to compare your performance to that of other students from the best universities.


Our Fees:

We charge fees which are equivalent to a few weeks of your first year's salary, so there is a financial commitment. The service runs from when you start working with us until you accept a full-time offer that you are happy with. The bottom line is that we get involved with every part of your job search to help you get hired. We will talk and coach you before every interview you have, and will tell you exactly what you should say to differentiate yourself from the other interviewees. We often do a write-up for you to memorise. Getting the job is often down to being able to show that you know more about what the job really involves than the other interviewees. You need the specific industry knowledge that most students just do not have. In the case of consulting firms, there is just no substitute for practising case interviews with people who have been through the process themselves.

Come and visit us

To talk one-on-one to our team of investment bankers, consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professionals about getting your dream job, simply send us an email or call us at +1 510-984-3038 or +44 20 8816 7955 during office hours. We will discuss your skills, agree which companies we are going to target, tell you how to beat the online application process and get selected for interview, and show you how we will train you for interviews.


  • 200+ coaches working in every profession and every niche of finance and other professions
  • Peter Harrison – Personal, 24/7 advice from an ex Executive Director of Goldman Sachs and summer associate at McKinsey.
  • Speed – you have an interview? Watch us hustle in a few hours to get you set up with interview coaching.
  • Technical Knowledge – we have 2,000+ handouts covering every conceivable niche of finance. Algorithmic trading interview? Study our 32 handouts and then get coached by an algorithmic trading specialist.
    Whiteboard coding interview? Talk to our ex-Facebook and ex-Google coaches.
  • Agents – yes, recruitment agents can sometimes find you the job. We have details of 270 that we will give you. Contact them all!!!
  • Achievements – you and Peter will come up with 10 awesome achievements that will get you through any round one interview.
  • Trading Ideas – do it the way Peter did it for seven years at Goldman Sachs as a convertible bond salesperson. I competed with highly-paid salespeople at all the other banks. Stun the interviewer with your outstanding ideas, presented like a professional.
  • From the Heart– we do not want you to guess what to say in interview. We will give you outstanding answers in writing to all the commonly asked questions, and we will tell you how to make it sound like it comes from the heart. It will with enough practice!
  • Track Record – anyone can say they do coaching, and charge you a few dollars. We have helped people get hired for years. Talk to our former clients and ask them about their experience, and whether the money they spent was worthwhile.
  • Brainteasers – we will tell you most of the ones you might encounter.
  • Macroeconomic Knowledge – be totally convincing when you explain future prices of oil, gold, US equity market, Yen/USD, long bond futures, etc. You are expected to have opinions on these things during finance interviews.

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