Today’s post is about getting interviews by networking. Yeah, I know I talk about that a lot!

At Harrison Careers, we provide extensive, in-depth networking coaching and advice to our clients, because networking is a guaranteed way to get interviews. However, most people find networking difficult because it requires motivation to proactively call people or walk up to them at a presentation or conference.

Don’t do it alone!

My suggestion – don’t do it alone! Find a good friend and do it together… It’s much more fun, you can handle the rejections more easily, and you will motivate each other.

On the Goldman Sachs training program in New York, my German buddy Ralf and I did all our networking together and people remembered us much more easily. When I ran out of questions or humor, Ralf stepped in. I know that, together, we had way more than twice the impact of 1 person (hence the title of 1 + 1 = 3).

“Chelsea & Betsy” Conquer the World…

Thank you to my good friend Chelsea at JP Morgan who reminded me of the power of getting together with a friend for networking. She and her friend Betsy sent a single introductory email to each participant at a “Women in Finance” event, introducing themselves in the email title as “Chelsea & Betsy”. Two people schmoozing together are able to secure more meetings and conversations with professionals than 2 individuals working separately.

So, why don’t you talk to your friend and suggest you team up to network. Set yourself a target – together you’re going to call/meet 50 professionals. Use a catchy email subject like “2 students from LSE would love to meet you!” You’ll like the results you achieve.

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