At Harrison Careers, some of our clients are happy with the business area they’re currently working in – but now they want to get a better job within that area.

This article contains advice for the candidate who loves their existing business area, but who wants to make the transition to a better job, for any reason – more prestige, more money, or just a better “fit”.

We have all an idea of the best employer in our business area. Tesla for Engineering? McKinsey/BCG/Bain for Consulting? Goldman Sachs for Finance? Amazon, Google, Apple for Tech? We can’t all work at the best companies of course – but for the truly ambitious professional, shouldn’t we at least try? One way to get this done is by conducting a “Future Employer Campaign”. Great if you can enjoy a 30-year career with the same company. (But we both know that is not especially likely.) Here are some easy and repeatable steps you can take to set yourself up for future opportunities with the company of your dreams.
    •    Use a LinkedIn search to find the right people

You will need to use LinkedIn search filters for Geography, Industry, Years of Experience (you want people above you – but not too far above you), and you most likely need a Key Word filter to narrow down your search to find the most relevant people.

    •    Identify professionals 

Look at the LinkedIn search results, and choose professionals who seem the most relevant. Send them each a Connection Request, and then message those who accept your CR. 

    •    Send the person a message. Perhaps something like this:

Hi X,

I am working at [my company name] in our [name of my business area/group] and saw your profile and your experience at CompanyX.

It would be nice to connect to a fellow professional.

Please let me know if I can ever help with any introductions at [my company name] or any other information.

Hope to meet you one day.

Best regards,

    •    FOLLOW UP!

Set a reminder for every 4 months.

Find an article on LinkedIn about your business area.

Share it with all of your new connections with a suitable message like:

Hi X,

Saw this pretty interesting LI story and thought of you at CompanyX.

Just my way of keeping in touch.

Please let me know if I can ever help you with any information.


    •    YOUR GOAL

 You want to have 200+ professionals whom you can message one day to ask for career help!

At Harrison Careers, we spend all our time helping clients get and pass interviews with elite companies. Get In Touch to let us know how we can help you!