“I am not worried yet about passing interviews. My big problem right now is getting interviews.”

The Harrison Careers GUARANTEED INTERVIEWS Service gets you:

➢ All of our advice to make sure you land guaranteed interviews

➢ Money-back Guarantee – provided that you call 100 of the right professionals

➢ Access to proven tricks and tips that other candidates do not know

Perhaps you can get interviews easily enough with companies that are not very prestigious – or for positions at elite companies that are not so attractive. But the world is competitive. Getting interviews with elite companies for elite positions is never easy because there are so many candidates competing with you.

Much of our focus at Harrison Careers is on getting these desirable interviews.

Now, let’s talk about the guaranteed part. We are so sure of our successful techniques that we will refund your fee if our service does not work for you. All we ask is that you record your phone calls and share the recordings with us, and that you call and actually talk to 100 of the right people at the right target companies in the right way. We think it’s reasonable to ask you show that you did this our way (because it will work!) in return for your money-back guarantee.

How are you going to get these interviews?

Smart application campaign
We all get very fed up of applying online and getting very few interviews. Employers and job boards make it ever-easier to apply, often with only a few clicks. That means that companies get more applicants – so their rejection rate gets higher. We find that for elite companies, most candidates have an interview success rate of less than 5%. We want you to add an additional step to the online application process – by reaching out to people within the company so that they refer you to the HR people for interview. Our evidence for the last 20 years suggests that it increases the probability of you getting an interview from around 3-4% to at least 25-30%. This is an excellent use of your time, even though it involves more work. We will tell you exactly what to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

Internal Recruiter Campaign

Internal Recruiters are Human Resources professionals at the companies you are targeting, but they are the first line of staff who identify and engage with candidates, and get them to apply. If we can convince these people that you are a worthwhile candidate, they will select you for interview. We will tell you exactly what to do. How to find the right people, how to get email addresses and phone numbers, what to say to them, how and when to follow up, and when to push to get what you want.

External Recruitment Agent Campaign

Certain candidates can use external recruitment agents to get interviews for them – BUT there is a skill to engaging these agents properly so that they feel their work is worthwhile. We will show you exactly what to do – how to identify them, contact them, what to say to them, and how to follow up to make sure they help you get what you need.

Director Campaign

Our Director Campaign is the most difficult to execute. Junior people don’t have a huge amount of influence on the interview process – but senior professionals do. If you contact senior professionals out of the blue, they will know that you are looking for a job and interview. They are busy people. They do not want you to just use them – but they do have the power to get you interviewed. We will teach you how to engage senior professionals, how to get their phone numbers, their email addresses, what questions to ask them, the balance between technical questions and personal questions, how to follow up with them, and ultimately how to properly engage them so that they decide they want to help you. Generally, we find that if you spend 15 minutes or more on a phone call, the senior professional will help you get interviewed (and if you spend <10 minutes with them, they generally won’t).

Alumnus Campaign

You have a shared connection with anyone you attended university with. You may also have other connections from sport, hobbies, or even a previous internship because you have an employer in common. We are going to show you how to connect with alumni, how to engage them, what to ask them, what not to ask them, how to follow up, when to follow up, and ultimately how to get them to help you secure that interview.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family network is a lot more useful than you think it is! Your first thought is about the friends of your mother and father. That probably will help. However, the friends of their friends are actually very connected – everyone in their 50s or 60s knows someone important who can help you get an interview. People are genuinely quite happy to do favors for very close friends. We will tell you exactly what to do to use these connections to your advantage to get interviews.

Guaranteed Interview Fees  are equivalent to 3 weeks of your first year’s salary.

Suitable for anyone struggling to get interviews with his/her target companies and who needs to make sure he/she gets that interview.

Not suitable for candidates who can easily secure interviews with their target employers.