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How to Succeed in Video Interviews

  Given that we’re all in the thick of interview season right now, I wanted to share with you some of the tips and tricks that we use at Harrison Careers to help our clients succeed at the video interview stage. Typically, by this point, candidates will have passed the initial screening and some pretty tough online tests (numerical, verbal, cognitive ability, etc.). However, before they can move on to the assessment center or super

Want to be sure you get interviewed?

  You can expect to read a lot from me about securing interviews. I know a LOT about this. Getting the right interviews is the biggest problem candidates face at the moment. I’m not saying that passing the interviews is easy – but if you can land 10 of the right interviews, and perform well in these interviews, then the chances are you’ll end up with a couple of offers.  So, here’s one way that is almost certain to

How to deliver Interview-Winning Presentations

  So… you’ve written brilliant application forms, you’ve made it through the online tests, you’ve succeeded at the online video interview, and yes, you’ve even passed the Round One interview because you were totally prepared for all the tough competency questions they threw at you… Then they ask you to make a presentation. You’re nervous of course… knees are weak, palms are sweaty… how do you perform well at this point, to ensure that you make

What makes a résumé stand out from the crowd?

  At Harrison Careers, I get asked almost daily by clients and prospective clients how to make their resumes stand out from all the other thousands of applications that employers receive. I have looked at tens of thousands of resumes in my time – for my clients at Harrison Careers, and before that in my capacity as a recruiter for the Goldman Sachs Equities Division. Believe me – I have seen some fantastic resumes …