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Harrison Careers hits 10,000 interview Coaching sessions!

  I am proud to announce that just completed interview coaching session number 10,000! Operating across all professional sectors, but especially within Finance, Consulting, Technology, Accounting, and Law, our coaches have helped our clients to collect more than 2,000 job offers from just about every elite company in the world. Thank you to our amazing interview coaches, for their willingness to impart their knowledge and interview expertise to help the next generation succeed. Looking

What’s the secret to getting other people to like you?

  Some people – you know the ones – just seem to do this effortlessly. They walk into a room, smile, and within moments they’re engaging people and building relationships. What’s their secret?! I decided to write this advice because it seems to me that so many clients of Harrison Careers, especially those who do not speak English as their first language, struggle to build effective relationships and to get professionals to like them as

It’s application season again, and you need every advantage!

It’s application season – and you need all the help you can get! This is the busiest time of the year at Harrison Careers when our clients are knee-deep in applications to graduate and internship programs. Across the globe, companies are competing for the best talent, and it’s a highly competitive – to say nothing of incredibly stressful – time of year for students, who are trying to juggle their demanding academic schedules with the

The Journey from Middle Office to Front Office

  You can blame globalization and the outsourcing to technology consultants like Accenture. During the years from 2005 through 2012, many of the Operations and Support functions at London financial institutions were dismantled or outsourced. Yes, the jobs went overseas, often to India, but they also migrated within the UK to Bournemouth (JP Morgan), Birmingham (Deutsche bank), and Glasgow (Morgan Stanley). The Middle Office staff in London mostly did not move into Front Office jobs.