“I can get interviews no problem. But I cannot afford to waste my opportunity to convert this into a job offer. I care too much about [Amazon/Goldman/McKinsey/whoever] to mess up this interview. The competition is savage, and I have to be at the top of my game now. I want professional help from people who already secured similar job offers. I want to know what they know. I want them to find my weaknesses and fix them.”

The Harrison Careers INTERVIEW COACHING Service gets you:

  •  Access to our team of 170+ coaches, all of whom have secured offers from elite companies in Tech, Finance, Consulting & more
  •  Our Interview Coaching team is 100% comprised of young professionals who are working at, or have secured full-time job offers from, the elite companies you want to work for. No HR people, no university careers advisors, no former recruitment agents – just professionals like you, who have been through what you’re going through right now.
  •  170+ coaches in most professional business areas are on standby to help you for those critical interviews – Tech, Consulting, Banking, Trading, Actuarial, Investment Management, Accounting and 40 other business areas.
  •  You will probably only have a few days’ notice of your interview. It may be stressful. We’ve got your back!

Here is how our Interview Coaching service works:

We move fast, arranging coaching with a relevant coach from your business area within 48 hours.

We need to ensure that you sound impressive.

Our first action will be to ask you to write down your top 10 achievements – exactly in accordance with our guidelines – so that we can grade them and tell you how to make them sound as good as they can be.

We give you written questions that we expect you will get asked.

We grade every question you answer on a scale of 1-10, and give you an overall grade for each session of 1-10.

If you are not scoring 7s or 8s, you are probably not going to pass your interview.

We give you written answers for most of these questions.

We identify, and help you to rectify, your weaknesses, so you’re as prepared as you can possibly be to slay those interviews!

It should not be surprising that receiving interview coaching advice from professionals who have recently been through the process is not cheap. Our coaches are busy people who generally earn $100K+/£50K+ in their professional roles – if coaching is cheap, then it is likely to be from someone who is much less qualified.

Interview Coaching fees depend on how much interview coaching you require, starting from 2 weeks’ of salary up to 7 weeks’ maximum.

Only suitable for candidates who have a pending interview.