Harrison Careers is an elite careers coaching company that has been getting our clients hired for more than 20 years.

We offer a variety of services that will help you achieve your ultimate goal – landing your dream career:


Guaranteed Interviews


The Whole Package

Read below to find out more about the services Harrison Careers provides – or Contact Us now for a free, no-obligation consultation, where together we can explore how the Harrison Careers Team can help make your career and dreams come true!


Why clients go for the Guaranteed Interview service:

“I am totally fed up of getting online rejections.”

“I have submitted 135 applications and only been invited to 4 interviews!”

“Everyone else seems to have a connection who refers them for interviews.”

The Harrison Careers Guaranteed Interviews Service gets you ALL of our advice – learned over 20+ years – to make sure you land guaranteed interviews. We use tricks other candidates do not know to help you win these interviews.

Money-back guarantee – provided that you call 100 of the right professionals in the right way!

Suitable for anyone struggling to get interviews with his/her target companies and who needs to make sure he/she gets that interview.

Not suitable for candidates who can easily secure interviews with their target employers.


Everything we have to offer!

Why clients go for the full Harrison Careers service:

"I want someone I trust to tell me EXACTLY what to do, and to help me with EVERYTHING related to my job search."

"I am willing to invest 10 weeks of my pay if you get me my dream job at my dream company."

"I don’t want to settle. If I accept a “second-best” job now, then maybe I will never be able to get the best."

The Whole Package gives you everything included in the Guaranteed Interviews service – and so much more!”

Peter Harrison, Founder & CEO of Harrison Careers, will be your personal partner until you land your dream career.

2,000+ clients over 20+ years have used this service to get careers in elite companies in Tech, Finance, Consulting, Engineering and more.

The Whole Package includes:

  • Unlimited interview coaching.
  • Unlimited advice.
  • Unlimited availability to help with every aspect of your job search.
  • Daily email communication with our team – if your question is urgent, call us 24/7!

Only suitable for candidates targeting elite careers. You will be expecting to earn $110K+ in the US or £50K+ in London, with total careers earnings of at least $5M.

And the cost? Just 10 weeks of your first year’s pay.