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We will be your trusted advisor, throughout all of your networking, every interview you secure, and every job question you have – until you get a satisfactory full-time offer


  • Peter Harrison, Founder & CEO as your personal partner until you land your dream career
  • Unlimited interview coaching
  • Unlimited advice
  • Unlimited availability to help with every aspect of your job search
  • Daily email communication with our team – if it’s urgent, you call us 24/7!

2,000+ clients over the past 22+ years have used Harrison Careers to get careers in elite companies in Technology, Finance, Consulting and other industries.

We settle for nothing less than you getting the career of your dreams!

How does the Harrison Careers service work?

Every jobseeker faces two key problems – getting interviews, and passing those interviews.

We focus relentlessly on solving these problems.



Getting interviews is no longer just about applying to jobs. The fact that it is now so easy to apply means that companies receive many more applications than they need – and typically, they hire less than 1% of applicants to a position.

That means that you now have to do things that other candidates do not do, and go the extra mile. Harrison Careers has developed a systematic, strategic, directed networking program, that has been proven to significantly increase your chances of getting the interview invites you deserve.

Our networking plan works. The system was developed following Peter Harrison’s extensive experience at Goldman Sachs, where he was trying to build relationships with clients who did not necessarily want to engage with him – and it has been refined over the course of 20+ years of helping candidates, just like you, network their way into great careers.

To get interviews we will run Networking Campaigns, described here 

Smart Application Campaign

Online application systems make it ever-easier for candidates to apply for jobs, which means that companies get ever-more applicants – and so their rejection rate gets higher. For elite companies, fewer than 5% of candidates can be selected for interview. With our Smart Applications campaign, you’ll reach out to people within the company so that they will refer you to the HR team for interview. Evidence over the last 20 years has shown us that such a campaign increases the probability of you getting an interview from ~3-4% to >25-30%. We will tell you exactly what to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

Director Campaign

Our Director Campaign is the most difficult to execute. Junior people don’t have a huge amount of influence on the interview process – but senior professionals do. If you contact senior professionals out of the blue, they will know that you are looking for a job and want an interview. They are busy people – but they have the power to get you interviewed. We will teach you exactly how to engage senior professionals, how to get their contact details, what technical/personal questions to ask, how to follow up, and ultimately how to effectively engage them so that they decide they want to help you. Again, we will teach you exactly what to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

Internal Recruiter Campaign

Internal Recruiters are HR professionals at the companies you are targeting – and they are the first line of staff who identify and engage with candidates, and solicit applications. If we can convince these people that you are a worthwhile candidate, they will select you for interview. We will tell you exactly what to do – how to find the right people, how to get email addresses and phone numbers, what to say to them, how and when to follow up, and when to push to get what you want.

Alumnus Campaign

You have a shared connection with anyone you attended university with. You may also have other connections from sport, hobbies, or even a previous internship because you have an employer in common. We are going to show you how to connect with alumni, how to engage them, what to ask them, what not to ask them, how to follow up, when to follow up, and ultimately how to get them to help you secure that interview.

External Recruitment Agent Campaign

Certain candidates can use external recruitment agents to get interviews for them – BUT there is a skill to engaging these agents properly so that they feel their work is worthwhile. We will show you exactly what to do – how to identify them, contact them, what to say to them, and how to follow up to make sure they help you get what you need.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family network is a lot more useful than you think it is! Your first thought may be about the friends of your parents, who probably will help. However, cast a wider net – everyone in their 50s or 60s knows someone important who can help you get an interview. People are genuinely happy to do favors for close friends. We will tell you exactly what to do to use these connections to your advantage to get interviews.



Now that you’ve secured some interviews by effectively employing our campaigns, we need to make sure that you pass these hard-won interviews.

Harrison Careers has a team of more than 200 interview coaches, all of whom are either working at, or have secured offers from, elite companies across the Finance, Technology, Consulting, Engineering, Accounting, Law and other sectors.

Our coaches have been through the exact same process that you are about to go through. They have succeeded where so many other candidates have failed. They are going to share their knowledge with you so that you pass the interview.

We provide you with extensive, in-depth technical and behavioral preparation for every single interview you have – see details  


We will provide you with written questions and answers for the technical questions that you are likely to be asked, according to the business area that you are targeting.


We will give you a detailed sales pitch for every single interview that you ever have to ensure that you sell yourself in the best possible way.


We will set up interview coaching within 48 hours of your telling us about your interview.


We will advise you on how to best answer behavioral questions, by having you think in a very structured way about your achievements, and by helping you to present them in the most impressive way.


You probably will not be the best version of yourself when you start interview coaching. We will grade every question that you answer, and we will give you an overall grade for the coaching session. After each coaching session, we will diagnose your weaknesses and explain how to fix them. Your scores will quickly improve if you put in the work and follow our advice!

About Peter Harrison

Peter is a leading global authority on careers, who has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious employers including Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and Deloitte.

His entire professional focus over the past 22+ years has been getting interviews for our clients, and then converting these interviews into job offers. Peter is a true industry insider – and his knowledge of entry-level hiring is encyclopedic.

Peter will be on-hand for you, accessible continuously, to give you advice and answer all of your career-related questions.

If you have a problem, Peter has most likely encountered it hundreds of times before.

If you are trying to figure out how something should be done the right way, Peter will advise you how to do it effectively.

If you are the kind of person who feels that you absolutely have to have the best career possible, then with our help, you are going to get it.

The fee for Harrison Careers’ highly-personalized service is approximately 10 weeks of your first year’s salary. There is a down payment when you start working with us, but the remainder of the fee isn’t payable until after you start your full-time job. (Note that support for any/all internships is included in the fee.)

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