Over the years, Harrison Careers has helped 2,000 clients get incredible jobs with some
of the world’s most famous companies in:

  • Finance – at leading Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Management companies, Trading, Commodity and Brokerage Boutiques,
  • Technology – at FAANG and other large tech companies,
  • Consulting – at MBB and others,
  • Accounting – at Big Four and other firms,
  • Law – at Magic Circle and other firms,
  • Engineering – at Boeing, Tesla and other global companies.

We are proud to count our former clients as friends for life

Here are some testimonials from a few of our former clients (although these are direct quotes from our clients, we have used coded initials to protect their confidentiality).

“I have recently been offered a job in Equity Derivatives at Goldman Sachs. I have turned down offers from HSBC, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank, completed an internship with HSBC and got to the final stage with Barclays Investment Bank. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Peter and his team. I will be totally honest with you on the Harrison Careers service – the fee that I spent is the best money I have ever spent in my life, and probably will be in the future. I think the thing you need to understand is that Peter and his team are fantastic, but ultimately YOU have to do the work – that means three hours on each application form, contacting professionals, going to presentations, and keeping up with the finance world. It’s extremely demanding – but the rewards are amazing. I started this not believing I would ever get a job with an investment bank, however today I sit on an offer from the biggest and best investment bank in the world. The HCS strategy does work!”

Goldman: KT, Equities Division, London

“Subscribing to Harrison Careers has been without doubt one of the best decisions I have made in the past 10 years. I had previously interviewed with several other big tech companies but was constantly told that I was just not “wide enough” or “deep enough” in my knowledge. I did not understand as I thought I had prepared well, but now I have gone through Harrison Careers I know I was not prepared at all. Harrison Careers will train you to answer impressively 95% of the questions you will get asked in interviews and the remaining 5% you will be able to answer on the spot because you will have had so much training. Harrison Careers will teach you how to stand out above the crowd, as the competition is fierce. For me, I was confident I had all the elements but Harrison Careers were able to help me bring them out in a way that sounded impressive and relevant.”

Amazon: CP, Solutions Architect, Seattle

“My overall experience with Harrison Careers Service is that it is a tough but fantastic and fulfilling way to land a role with any top technology company out there. With the help of Harrison Careers, you feel empowered to go out there and really shine so that you impress your potential employer. Having said this, I think my first surprise was the amount of work and preparation needed to get up to speed with what is needed to succeed. Make no mistake about this, if you are serious about using Harrison Careers Service then you better be ready to work hard – very hard. Also, you must follow all the materials and advice given to you. You cannot afford to cut corners. In the end, this is the best way for you to get the results you want – I got the best job I could have possibly imagined, and although it took lots of work by me, I couldn’t have done it without Peter and his team.”

Apple: CC, Data Platform Engineering, San Diego

“Peter is a fountain of knowledge and gives great advice… the key to his success is he does not tell you what you want to hear, he gives you solid advice – then it is up to you how you wish to follow. Don’t believe for one second that Peter will do all the work for you… you will have to practice, do the research, etc. by yourself – but Harrison Careers will show you the best practical way of achieving your goal. In terms of the fee, Peter asked me if I thought it was a lot, I said honestly, NO… if you compare the fee you pay to your earning potential once you are in a blue-chip such as JP Morgan, then it is nothing in my opinion. Knowing what I know now, I would have been prepared to pay a lot more!”

JP Morgan: HS, Wealth Management, Los Angeles

“I wholeheartedly recommend Peter and the Harrison Careers team. I had tried applying through standard channels and achieved a few interviews but had failed to convert any of them. After signing on with HC, following Peter’s advice, going to dozens of practice interviews, and leveraging the expertise of the coaches, I converted 5 of my 7 subsequent interviews into offers. If anything ever goes wrong during the process, tell Peter first and he will protect you. The service was outstanding. Patient, bespoke, and direct.”

Morgan Stanley: ZD, Equity Capital Markets, Hong Kong

What I found most useful about the Harrison Careers service was the access to technical training – of course, you have to do the actual learning yourself, but I wouldn’t even have known where to start without their help. They provide you with BRILLIANT material to give you an edge over other candidates. They don’t write your applications – you have to do that yourself (although the materials they give you are pretty helpful). The coaches really helped me with how to tackle the coding assessments and how to show my thought patterns during the interview. For sure I wouldn’t be at IBM now without that help.

IBM: HB, Technology Garage, London

I’m really grateful for the help of Harrison Careers. I saw myself improving dramatically with Peter’s notes covering every detail throughout the process, with coaching from his great team, the specially tailored advice, and the increasing motivations I got after each coaching feedback. They are incredibly organized and dedicated. I remember how Alison got coaching sessions organized within one day’s notice and I even spoke to Peter for my final assessment when he was on a holiday. It is absolutely worth even more than what I paid for.

Accenture: HJ, Technology Consulting, London

“First of all, you won’t be guaranteed a job, but I assure you if you work hard and follow Peter’s every single piece of advice, you will have many offers from all the top banks, accounting and consulting firms. Secondly, Harrison Careers will help you solicit professionals, prepare professional emails and train you how to cold call these professionals – which will get you the initial stage… interviews. Then the coaches (who have all worked in the banks/accounting/consulting firms you’re applying to) will coach you on how to pass the interviews and get a full-time offer. I ended up getting multiple offers, and accepted my job from one of the top actuarial firms in the world.”

Willis Towers Watson: JW, Actuary, Boston

One of the best things I think about the Harrison Careers service is that it provides a great opportunity to meet people (I mean the coaches) who were once in your position but have now landed their own roles with top companies. I found these people were a great source of information to let me know what the interview process might be like. In many cases, their interview experience was still fresh in their mind, and the advice of such people was priceless for me. It is only through Harrison Careers Services that you will be able to meet such people whose sole purpose is to help you succeed. Generally, I think Harrison Careers is a unique and fantastic service for anyone serious about landing a role with a top company. It will literally cut months, if not years, off your time trying to land a lucrative role by yourself. And even if you could do it on your own, the service just gives you a great chance to know some very smart and enlightened people, people who could end up being your future colleagues or just good friends. This alone makes it worth it!

Samsung: SH, Data Analytics, San Francisco

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