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The Harrison Careers WHOLE PACKAGE comprises

➢  Peter Harrison, Founder & CEO as your personal partner until you land your dream career

➢  Unlimited interview coaching

➢  Unlimited advice

➢  Unlimited availability to help with every aspect of your job search

➢  Daily email communication with our team – if it’s urgent, you call us 24/7!

➢  2,000+ clients over the past 20 years have used this service to get careers in elite companies in Tech, Finance, Consulting and more – we settle for nothing less than you getting the career you want!

How does this service work? Well, every jobseeker faces two key problems – getting interviews, and passing those interviews. We focus relentlessly on solving these problems.


The key to getting interviews is not just applying to jobs – it’s all about the Power of Networking, and this is a guaranteed way to get interviews.

The Harrison Careers networking plan will work. The system was developed following Peter Harrison’s extensive experience at Goldman Sachs where he was trying to get close to clients who did not necessarily want to engage with him, and it has been refined over the course of 20+ years of helping candidates – just like you – network their way into great careers.

To get interviews we will run Networking Campaigns. Below is a brief description of each campaign:

Smart application campaign

We all get very fed up of applying online and getting very few interviews. Employers and job boards make it ever-easier to apply, often with only a few clicks. That means that companies get more applicants – so their rejection rate gets higher. We find that for elite companies, most candidates have an interview success rate of less than 5%. We want you to add an additional step to the online application process – by reaching out to people within the company so that they refer you to the HR people for interview. Our evidence for the last 20 years suggests that it increases the probability of you getting an interview from around 3-4% to at least 25-30%. This is an excellent use of your time, even though it involves more work. We will tell you exactly what to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

Internal Recruiter Campaign

Internal Recruiters are Human Resources professionals at the companies you are targeting, but they are the first line of staff who identify and engage with candidates, and get them to apply. If we can convince these people that you are a worthwhile candidate, they will select you for interview. We will tell you exactly what to do. How to find the right people, how to get email addresses and phone numbers, what to say to them, how and when to follow up, and when to push to get what you want.

External Recruitment Agent Campaign

Certain candidates can use external recruitment agents to get interviews for them – BUT there is a skill to engaging these agents properly so that they feel their work is worthwhile. We will show you exactly what to do – how to identify them, contact them, what to say to them, and how to follow up to make sure they help you get what you need.

Director Campaign

Our Director Campaign is the most difficult to execute. Junior people don’t have a huge amount of influence on the interview process – but senior professionals do. If you contact senior professionals out of the blue, they will know that you are looking for a job and interview. They are busy people. They do not want you to just use them – but they do have the power to get you interviewed. We will teach you how to engage senior professionals, how to get their phone numbers, their email addresses, what questions to ask them, the balance between technical questions and personal questions, how to follow up with them, and ultimately how to properly engage them so that they decide they want to help you. Generally, we find that if you spend 15 minutes or more on a phone call, the senior professional will help you get interviewed (and if you spend <10 minutes with them, they generally won’t).

Alumnus Campaign

You have a shared connection with anyone you attended university with. You may also have other connections from sport, hobbies, or even a previous internship because you have an employer in common. We are going to show you how to connect with alumni, how to engage them, what to ask them, what not to ask them, how to follow up, when to follow up, and ultimately how to get them to help you secure that interview.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family network is a lot more useful than you think it is! Your first thought is about the friends of your mother and father. That probably will help. However, the friends of their friends are actually very connected – everyone in their 50s or 60s knows someone important who can help you get an interview. People are genuinely quite happy to do favors for very close friends. We will tell you exactly what to do to use these connections to your advantage to get interviews.


Now, how are we going to make sure that you pass these hard-won interviews?

Harrison Careers has a team of more than 200 interview coaches. Although none of them work for us full time, all of them are either working at, or have secured offers from, elite companies in Finance, Technology, Consulting, Engineering and many other industries. They have been through the exact same process that you are about to go through. They have succeeded where so many other candidates have failed. They are going to share their knowledge with you so that you pass the interview.

We will give you written questions along with written answers for the technical questions that you are likely to be asked, according to the business area that you are targeting.

We will give you a detailed sales pitch for every single interview that you ever have to ensure that you sell yourself in the best possible way.

We will set up interview coaching within 48 hours of your telling us about your interview.

We will advise you on how to best answer the behavioral questions that you will face at interviews, by having you think in a very structured way about your achievements to date, and by helping you to present them in a way that makes you stand out from your competition.

Interview coaching is unlimited

You probably will not be the best version of yourself when you start interview coaching. We will grade every question that you answer, and we will give you an overall grade for the coaching session. If you are not getting an overall grade of 7 or 8 out of 10, we know that you are not yet good enough, and you are probably not going to convert this interview into a job offer.

After each coaching session, we will diagnose your weaknesses and explain how to fix them. Your scores will quickly improve if you put in the work and follow our advice!

Unlimited advice from Peter Harrison, Founder and CEO of Harrison Careers

What is the value of having Peter to advise you, and of having him accessible 24/7 to answer your questions? Of course many industry insiders – and some career advisors – know some of the things that Peter knows. But it’s unlikely that anyone has Peter’s level of knowledge of entry-level hiring.

Peter has more than 20 years of experience in getting candidates hired – he started out by himself getting hired by some of the best employers in the world (Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Deloitte), by building effective professional relationships, and by leveraging his networking skills to help thousands of candidates get hired in the very best roles.

Peter has been asked – and has effectively answered – tens of thousands of questions!


If you have a problem, he has most likely encountered it hundreds of times before.


If you are trying to figure out how something should be done the right way, Peter will advise you how to do it effectively.


If you are the kind of person who feels that you absolutely have to have the best career possible, then with our help, you are going to get it.


Peter says: “Like everyone, I have made plenty of mistakes throughout my career. But I like to think that each time I learned from my mistakes. If you decide to partner with me, you will have a mentor who is there for you for every single step, constantly thinking about how to get you interviews and get you hired.


Every week, Harrison Careers will be pushing you to follow the plan that we have agreed


Nothing less than you getting the career you want is acceptable to us!

The Whole Package Fees are equivalent to 10 weeks of your first year’s salary.

Only suitable for candidates targeting elite careers. You expect to earn $110K+ in the US or £50K+ in London, with total careers earnings of at least $5M.